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About ADHD Affirming Coaching with Kat

ADHD Affirming coaching means that I understand your neurodivergent needs! I have ADHD myself, so when I say I understand – I really do get it.

My coaching style is all about you and/or your child. We are partners in this journey. I come to all my sessions with the belief that you are whole and complete, not broken, and that you are the expert of you.

If you are a parent or caregiver of a child with ADHD I believe that your child is not broken, you are exactly the parent your child needs, and you are the expert of your family.

In my general coaching services:  From our very first discovery session through to our last session – your coaching services will be tailored to you. You set the goals, you set the pace. I’m merely the guide to help you find the keys to unlocking whatever it is that YOU are looking for.

In packages or programs: When we work through a package or program there will be topics for the program or for the session. However, how the topics show up in your life and how we discuss the topic will be personalized based on your needs.

Keep reading below to see the types of things we can work on together.

I believe every person deserves to be celebrated. I believe every family deserves to be celebrated. I believe that all people deserve to feel like they belong. That’s the whole concept behind “All Belong Coaching.” 

I embrace people and families of all types, and I strive to provide a space that is safe and welcoming so that my clients (and friends and loved ones) feel comfortable being their most authentic selves.

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Parents and Caregivers of Kids with ADHD


  • Understand your kid’s ADHD brain and how it impacts their executive function skills.
  • Develop the skills to become the calm, curious coach-like caregiver your child with ADHD needs to thrive.
  • Learn how to implement the Three C Philosophy: Connect, Coregulate, and Collaborate.
  • Support while navigating the 504 or IEP process, including strategizing appropriate accommodations.
  • Managing A Multi- Neurospicy Family – discover each family members’ strengths and weaknesses, develop systems that work for everyone, and create space for each family member and their ADHD needs.
  • Challenge your thinking, examine negative or limiting thoughts and identify the gremlins keeping you stuck.

ADHD and You (Students and Adults 12+)

  • Embrace the authentic you – pinpoint your values, identify your needs, uncover your strengths and find your unique superpowers.
  • Explore strategies to strengthen executive function skills such as time management, task initiation, prioritization, and organization.
  • Enhance self awareness, boost self confidence and self esteem, and blast away any ADHD related guilt or shame.
  • Develop strategies for successful transitions from middle school to high school, or high school to post-secondary school life by exploring career options, creating SMART goals, and establishing healthy boundaries.
  • Create routines that that work FOR your brain instead of against it and learn to lean into your strengths.

Additional Specialized Services – Contact Kat for More Info

  • Being An ADHD Ally – brainstorm ways to show support to your friends, your business, your, co-workers, and your relatives who have ADHD.
  • Support for Coaches – work with Kat to strategize ways that you can serve your neurodiverse clients more effectively and make more of an impact.
  • Self Care for the Caretaker – Keep (or get back) your sanity while caretaking for your family member.
  • Support for “the sandwich” generation – strategize healthy ways to care for your aging parents and your children while still taking care of yourself.
  • Learn to be an LGBTQ+ Ally. Navigating your child, parent, partner or other loved one’s coming out process.
  • Queer & Polyamory Relationship Support – ask Kat for more details!