Avoiding Burnout Part Two

Avoiding Burnout – Part Two – Your Passions

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So last week I talked to you all about avoiding burnout. I gave some ideas and tips to remember about how to decide which things to give your resources (time/energy/money/skills) towards in a world that has so much need, and how to keep in mind that even as parents of ADHD kids – we cannot do it all.


This week, to continue that conversation, I’m going to look at what other things can we can do to avoid burnout. The first ideas were more focused on picking your passions and setting boundaries.  In today’s blog, these ideas are more in the realm of how not to get burned out BY your passions.  Because that’s a real thing.  If “feeding the hungry” is your number one passion – how do you not burn out while trying to feed every hungry person in the world?


The things we tend to give our resources to tend to be really big things with really big need. It’s ongoing. It can become all-encompassing.  Suddenly that passion is all we eat, breathe, and sleep. Who’s that calling? Oh right – it’s burnout calling.  And once it calls, it keeps calling until you either address the issue, or you burn all the way out, leaving you unable to help anyone.


So here are some of my ideas of how to get ahead of burnout.  Things that sound easy. Things I’ve heard a million times, and you probably have to. I just forget about them! Or I think I have it under control until I really stop and think about it.  What ideas do YOU have? What tips and tricks work best for you?  I’d love to hear about them!


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Things To Consider To Avoid Burnout – Passion Focused

Getting Ahead Of Burnout



Balance, balance, balance

You know how people always say you need to find balance in your life? I have news for you. It’s TRUE! Folks who are passionate about serving are prone to putting that one need in their life (to be of service) so high above any other need that it overshadows the rest of their needs.  Find balance in your life.  I can’t tell you what the balance should look like, but I CAN tell you that my experience has been that when I don’t balance my life out, things go downhill fast.  Using me as an example – it’s important that I find a balance that includes time alone, time being creative, time helping others, and time with loved ones.  It’s not a perfectly even balance, there’s give and take – but it always has to balance out. It’s tricky, just when I think I balance out, I add something – and that throws off the balance – so evaluate your balance regularly!


Share the load

Back to not being able to do everything alone. Share the load! Whatever your passion is – you aren’t alone. Someone wants to help. Let them! Ask your friends. Ask others you know who care about the same thing you care about. Ask your boss, your neighbors, your co-workers.  Many times, there are folks just waiting to help – but don’t know what to offer. Or don’t think they have a talent.  Talk to folks, and share the load.  If you have a team – work to make sure everyone on the team feels supported, and feels the workload is distributed well.  This is a work in progress for me, I never want to burden folks, so I try to do things myself. But sharing the load offers different perspectives, fresh ideas, and the ability to breathe a little easier. Plus a bonus I found – when I share the load, I allow someone else to fulfill *their* need to serve – and that’s a great feeling too.


Don’t Expect Perfection

This is another really tough one in my experience. I’ve run many large events, and it took me a few years to really be at peace with the idea that nothing was ever going to be perfect. Firstly, I’m not going to be perfect. Events aren’t going to be perfect. Volunteers aren’t going to show up. Folks aren’t going to do things the way you’d do them. My desire to make everyone happy led me to often try to fix things others did, or worse – just do it all myself.  When I realized that I didn’t have to be perfect, the event didn’t have to be perfect, my volunteers/staff don’t have to be perfect – I was able to find a much bigger sense of calm. 


Never Underestimate The Power Of A Nap

Listen to your c(k)at friends – napping has magical healing powers. Especially if you are feeling overworked, overburdened, creatively blocked, etc.  Find a spot that is cozy and curl up for a nap!  In all seriousness, it doesn’t have to be a nap. But take time for you. A nap. A bath. A book. A beer. Take a few minutes to do something that feeds your soul.  Whatever that looks like for you! I have some cool friends that regularly remind each other to do things like – hydrate, take your meds.  Self care is important.  Do what you need to do to take care of you!!


But really – naps are the bomb!

ADHD Version Coming Soon.  

This is an update – Since writing these two blogs, my focus has turned to folks with ADHD and parents of kids with ADHD.  I realize I never discussed this from an ADHD point of view.  Coming in early September, I will fix that. Once it goes live I’ll come back here and link it below!




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