Begin To Create Your Sensory Diet

Begin To Create Your Sensory Diet What Is A Sensory Diet? A few weeks ago, I shared a blog with you about what our sensory needs are and how important meeting them is.  Feel free to check out that blog entry HERE.  The first step to meeting your needs is to start to identify what… Continue reading Begin To Create Your Sensory Diet

Tips For Boosting Focus

Tips For Boosting Focus   One of the things that people ask me the most often is, “What are some tips for maintaining or boosting focus?” This is not surprising because having trouble regulating our focus is a hallmark ADHD symptom that many of us struggle with.   We have lower levels or uneven levels… Continue reading Tips For Boosting Focus

Meeting Your Sensory Needs

Meeting Your Sensory Needs Do you put any time into meeting your sensory needs? Have you ever found yourself distracted from work because the sound of water dripping or a clock ticking is driving you up a wall?  Have you ever realized you were reading a book or watching tv while sitting in a strange… Continue reading Meeting Your Sensory Needs

The Three C Philosophy

The Three C Philosophy   I have a program for parents of children who have ADHD called Navigating ADHD Parenting: Embrace the Three C Philosophy. Raising kids who are neurodivergent and likely have difficulties with emotional regulation, time management, working memory and task initiation is different than raising kids who are neurotypical.   Because of… Continue reading The Three C Philosophy

The ADHD Core Four

The ADHD Core Four   The “ADHD Core Four” is what I call the first line of prevention when managing our ADHD Symptoms.  What I mean by that is that these four things are the very first things I recommend that we check in with ourselves about. These are the four things I encourage parents… Continue reading The ADHD Core Four

ADHD Burnout

ADHD Burnout   If you have ADHD and feel chronically tired, overwhelmed, withdrawn, or irritated you might be experiencing ADHD Burnout.  If you find yourself snapping at, or being resentful of, your partners, kids or co-workers you might be experiencing ADHD Burnout.   ADHD burnout is a condition you get in which your physical, mental,… Continue reading ADHD Burnout

ADHD and Anxiety: Tips For Managing

ADHD and Anxiety Tips       Telling Them Apart – Which Comes First?   ADHD and Anxiety often have such close similarities that it can sometimes feel impossible to sort out one from the other. Many symptoms overlap making it tough to figure out if that symptom is related to your ADHD, your anxiety,… Continue reading ADHD and Anxiety: Tips For Managing

ADHD Shame – Where Does It Come From?

All About ADHD Shame   Hey friends, today I’m going to get a little vulnerable with you and talk about what some people call ADHD shame.  It is often served with a big ole side order of ADHD Guilt.    It’s something I still sometimes struggle with, and I’ve been working on releasing it for… Continue reading ADHD Shame – Where Does It Come From?