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Coaching Practice Triads

Coaching Practice Triads


What Are Coaching Practice Triads?

When you are a life coach, wellness coach, ADHD coach, career coach, etc., if you want to receive an accreditation from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) you must accumulate a certain number of hours coaching for each level.  The first level requires 100 hours of coaching.


Coaching hours are difficult to accumulate when you are first starting out as a coach. One way to get some of them is to exchange coaching services with other amazing up and coming coaches.


In my Coaching Practice Triads, three coaches are assigned to a triad. Coach A coaches Coach B. Coach B coaches coach C. Coach C coaches coach A.  One all three coaching sessions are done, everyone gets to log a coaching hour.  Bonus – if the triad is complete, your session coaching will count as a paid hour even though no actually money exchanges hands (See FAQ for more info)





Who Can Participate?

Anyone who is a coach and follows the rules can participate. The intention is that coaches signing up for this service are on the journey to gaining an accreditation with ICF and have received at least some education from an ICF approved program (like CLCI). 


Note: Due to the popularity of this free service, time is coming soon when there are a limited number of spots available.  Preference will go to people who are in my free Facebook Group Coaches Building Up Coaches and/or who are on my Coaches Mailing List. 




How Does It Work?


  • Each month you will receive an email from me (make sure is in your safe list) around the 15th of the month calling for sign-ups for the next month.
  • Then by the 3rd of the next month (usually before) you will receive an email from me assigning you to a triad and connecting you with your triad partners. 
  • You must agree to complete both your coaching and your coachee session by the end of each month signed up for.
  • I will email all participants with their triad assignments in the first couple days of the month and connect the three together.
  • When you complete your appointments, you’ll let me know so I know when to check back in with you.
  • Once all three legs of the triad are complete, I will email the triad again to say “Triad complete – Paid Hour Earned” – only then can you count the hour you coached as “paid.”
  • There are only so many spots open, so please email to get on the list – but – also don’t take a spot unless you are committing to completing your triad.




Coach Practice Triad FAQs

Do I need to sign up every month if I’ve signed up before?  Yes, this is to reaffirm each month that you are still interested and that none of your details (like availability) have changed.

How are triad matches made? Kat randomly matches triads based loosely on time zone and availability.

How do I schedule with my triad partners? Once Kat emails the three people to connect them, you are responsible for scheduling your sessions with your partners.

Is this agreement for one swap or continuing swaps? This is for ONE round for the month. That is what you are committing to. However, some people have made connections and have continued some sort of reciprocal coaching arrangement – that is up to you!

What if I’ve been matched with my assigned coach partners already? If you have been assigned a triad partner you already have partnered with, just flip who coaches whom.  If you have already coached and been coached by one of your triad partners, go ahead and coach them again.

How is this considered “paid” if no money is exchanged? For ICF requirements, 75% of your 100 coaching hours must be “paid”, meaning you can give 25 hours away to folks for free or “pro-bono”, but the other 75 must be paid.  This can be difficult while building, so there are two “tips” for how to build your hours.  One is “$5 is still paid, you can offer very reduced fees to folks if you feel like you want to, and it counts as paid.” 

The OTHER is reciprocal coaching.  If you and another coach trade sessions, you can count it on your ICF log as “paid.”  Why? Because it is as if you each paid each other for their services.  With triads, as long as all three participants complete their coaching – all three can log one hour as “paid.”

What happens if one part of the triad falls out or the triad collapses? This rarely happens but if it does, one of a few things are options. 

  • Always let Kat know so that she can check in with the participant and/or remove them from future opportunities.
  • If it’s early enough in the month, Kat may be able to jump in to complete the triad.
  • If the triad is never completed – if you as a participant both coached and were coached, you can log a free hour. 
  • If you as a participant coached, but were not coached in return, you can log a “free” hour. 
  • If you were coached but did coach in return, you can’t log anything (but I work hard to make sure this isn’t the case.) 

Can I ask for money? Absolutely not. If anyone does ask for money, please let Kat know immediately.

Can I ask for a testimonial? Yes – but please note that it’s not the best practice to ask during your sessions – it puts folks on the spot. If you’d like to ask for a testimonial, follow up with the person you coached after the appointment and let them know you’d welcome a testimonial or constructive feedback (if you are open to it). This way no one feels obligated.

Can I sign up the people I coach to my email or newsletter list?  You may not automatically sign people up. You may offer that to them if you wish. (Exception – I will add you to my email list for coaches but you can opt to get triad emails only if you desires.)

What if I have other questions? Email Kat at – and please be patient. I provide this service for free and it sometimes takes me a few days to respond to emails. I will get back to you, I promise!

Where Do I Sign Up?

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