Focus Frenzy: Kat’s ADHD Co-working Scurry

Focus Frenzy

Kat’s ADHD Co-Working Scurry


Hang out with me and other super-cool ADHD friends and get s*#t done at the same time!


Meet up twice a month for a virtual co-working sprint. 

We’ll be meeting 2ce monthly Co-Working Scurry for folks with ADHD.

Second and Fourth Tuesdays of the Month staring in March.

11:30 a.m. Eastern to 2 p.m. Eastern.


Plus get some on-the-spot free ADHD coaching during every Scurry!


Work with other folks who have ADHD or are otherwise neurodivergent.

Get S*&t Done

Co-working is one of the most effective ways of knocking stuff off your to-do list!

Free & Fun

Bi-weekly Scurry. Always Free. Casual, Laid Back, and Fun.

Office Hours

Get Free on-the-spot ADHD Coaching during the mid-Scurry break!

Co-Working: two or more individuals working simultaneously on their own individual projects while in each other’s company. Provides motivation, accountability, fun, and encouragement to get s*#t done! 

How does Kat’s Co-Working Scurry Run?


We will be using the pomodoro method to co-work and get stuff done. You’ll get an invite to my Zoom Room. 


When you join, we will take a few moments to greet each other and check-in. Then we will do Two Pomodoros with an Open Office Hours break in the middle.


Pomodoros work like this – 25 minutes of “work time”, a five minute break, 25 minutes of “work time.”  Office Hour Break – Then another round.


The schedule will look like this: 

  • 11a: Arrive
  • 11:10: 1st Pom
  • 11:35: Mini break (5 min)
  • 11:40: 2nd Pom
  • 12:05: Office Hours
  • 12:30: 3rd Pom
  • 12:55: Mini break (5 min)
  • 1:00: Final Pom
  • 1:25: Wrap Up
  • 1:30: End


My Scurries will be on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, from 11:00 a.m. until 1:30 p.m.


I Want IN!

What’s A Scurry? – A scurry is a group of squirrels!!!


My Daily Reminder: Don’t Delay Joy

About Your Scurry Leader


In case we haven’t met yet, my name is Kat Sweeney. I’m a Master Certified ADHD Coach who works with adults, students, parents and professionals to tackle the day to day challenges of ADHD.


I am on a mission to help parents not mess up their kids and to help folks with ADHD tackle their ADHD gremlins, ditch ADHD shame and figure out how to get s*^t done.


I also happen to have ADHD, have raised a few amazing kids with ADHD, and have worked in DEIB, LGBTQ, and neurodivergent spaces and communities for nearly two decades.


To add just for funsies – I’m also a pet mom (with 7 pets including two adorable dogs). I collect Hello Kitty stuff, rainbow things, and sunflower things. And I love purple!


“Knowing is better than wondering, waking is better than sleeping, and even the biggest failure, even the worst, beats the hell out of never trying.” ~ Meredith Grey


Free, Fun, and Inclusive – Great for my neurospicy friends!

What’s the vibe like? Is this Scurry right for me?


This Co-Working Scurry isn’t going to meet everyone’s needs, and that’s okay. The vibe in my Scurry will be pretty laid back, casual, loose, and fun.


This is a group for folks with ADHD and because of that, the “rules” are pretty loose.  You don’t have to be on time or stay the whole time. You can show up for your lunch hour with mustard on your shirt, you can show up with breakfast in your pajamas. 


The atmosphere will be chill, low key, and fun. We are inclusive, encouraging, and accepting of the occasional swear word. 

Ready To Join?


Easy Peasy – just join the Scurry List! 


Sign up with your name and email and you’ll be invited to each Scurry!


Not sure yet? Send me an email at and let me know what’s keeping you on the fence. 


Remember it’s free and no-obligation. This co-working scurry is productive and fun, can’t beat that!


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I can’t wait to get to know you!


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