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Resources For Coaches, Groups, Professionals, and Organizaitons

Resources for Coaches and other Professionals, Groups, and Organizations



Resources For Coaches, Groups, Professionals, and Organizaitons



Resources I recommend for coaches, professionals, groups and organizations. Some of these may include an Affiliate Link. That means if you join or purchase using the link I provided, I may get a small percentage. Please be assured that I will only recommend services and products that I actually believe in and feel aligned with, regardless of any incentive provided. While some of my links may be affiliates, others are not. The main goal is to bring you value.




Community Groups


  • Groups I Run 


Coaches Building Up Coaches Free and Inclusive Facebook Group for Coaches

Building Up Coaches – Linked In Group – Coming Soon


  • Groups I Love


Alternative Business Network is a networking group for small business owners outside of the mainstream.

ADHD Female Entrepreneurs Community is specific to women business owners and entrepreneurs.



Classes, Programs, and Certifications

Certified Life Coach Institute – One place where you can become a Certified Life Coach

Mentor Coach ADHD Coaching Program – One place where you can receive ADHD Coach Training

Emotional Response-Ability – Not Coach Specific but amazing course that can help you help your clients. I highly recommend.

Positive Intelligence – If you are a coach and interested in this course, contact them directly and inquire about the Grant For Coaches.





Business Building Resources

Changing Work Collective – Changing Work is a movement deeply committed to revolutionizing the dynamics of our workplaces from the core. Their Vision is to Change Work from the Inside Out. Essentially, to make work a more humane, conscious, and nurturing environment that promotes personal growth, self-awareness, and compassion, while delivering value to all stakeholders. focused on codifying and sharing conscious business practices that help organizations and individuals thrive.  For conscious business practitioners (coaches, consultants) they have created “a community to share best practices, learn from each other, and help amplify each other’s work 


SCORE – get an amazing business mentor for FREE






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