Resources For Solopreneurs

Resources for Solopreneurs and Business Owners

Resources for Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners

Resources for Solopreneurs and Business Owners

Resources for solopreneurs and small business owners that Kat recommends.

Some of these may include an Affiliate Link. That means if you join or purchase using the link I provided, I may receive a small percentage. Please be assured that I will only recommend services and products that I actually believe in and feel aligned with, regardless of any incentive provided. While some of my links may be affiliates, others are not. The main goal is to bring you value.



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What Does Kat Use?

As an ADHD Coach and solopreneur who does a lot of networking, I often get questions about what programs and tools I use in running my business.  Below are programs and tools that I personally have or currently do use.  

  • For Scheduling Appointments and MeetingsCalendly – I believe there is a free starter, I do pay for this because I love that I can brand it and set different types of appointments and auto reminders.
  • For My Email ListFloDesk – Sign up with this link for 50% off your first year! All my email lists and forms are done through FloDesk.
  • For Creating GraphicsCanva Pro – 95% of all my graphics on any social media site I use and my website I’ve created using Canva Pro.  There is a free version that is great to test it out, but if you make graphics regularly – you want Pro. 
  • For Payment ProcessingStripe – I picked this one as it was what someone recommended to me, I haven’t checked out alternatives but I’ve been happy with Stripe – it also links easily into Calendly!

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Organizations Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners Need To Know About


SCORE – SCORE is an amazing organization dedicated to helping solopreneurs and small business owners. Most well known for their FREE mentoring program, they also have free workshops, templates, and other amazing resources for free.  I personally am still using my SCORE mentor who is a key part of where I am today. Contact them today – it’s totally FREE!  Get business mentoring from current or retired business owners.  Check it out!


Changing Work Collective – I cannot say enough good things about this amazing group of people.  Changing Work is focused on codifying and sharing conscious business practices that help organizations and individuals thrive. We believe work does not have to be painful! Work, when done right, can provide joy, fulfillment, connection, and inspiration. For conscious business practitioners (coaches, consultants) * We’ve created a community to share best practices, learn from each other, and help amplify each other’s work Together, we can change work from the inside out!