ADHD Students, IEPs, 504s, and More

Book A Call With Kat Today ADHD and IEPs, 504s and More   If your child has ADHD, chances are you’ve heard of IEPs, 504s, BIPs, DBT, and all types of plans and acronyms.  But you may not really understand all the lingo the schools throw at you.  What does your child need? What are… Continue reading ADHD Students, IEPs, 504s, and More

Tips For Boosting Focus

Tips For Boosting Focus   One of the things that people ask me the most often is, “What are some tips for maintaining or boosting focus?” This is not surprising because having trouble regulating our focus is a hallmark ADHD symptom that many of us struggle with.   We have lower levels or uneven levels… Continue reading Tips For Boosting Focus

ADHD Treatment Options

ADHD Treatment Options   For many people, when they find out that they or someone they love has ADHD, they immediately begin worrying about treatments, medications, and what impact those might have on day to day life. There are a lot of misconceptions and stigma surrounding ADHD treatment options, and medication specifically.    While medication… Continue reading ADHD Treatment Options