About All Belong ADHD Coaching

I help parents and caregivers who have kids who have ADHD to become the confident, connected care givers their kids need as they learn to regulate their emotions, succeed in school, and become happy and healthy adults.



I help students, teens and young adults with ADHD develop the skills and strategies necessary to increase their confidence, identify and overcome roadblocks, create a plan for the future, and become independent and confident adults.



I help adults with ADHD develop time management, task initiation, and prioritization skills, come to terms with late diagnosis, build routines that work for you, and blast away ADHD related guilt or shame.



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Kat Sweeney, MCLC

All Belong Coaching & Consulting

Master Certified ADHD Coach


I am an ADHD Affirming Personal and Parent Coach. I am also an ADHD mom who has raised a couple awesome ADHD kids.


I became an ADHD Coach because I was the child that struggled in school, that felt weird and different and broken. I was also the parent of ADHD kids who felt guilty and isolated, and who struggled to find resources or understand why traditional parenting didn’t work. 


Today I use my extensive knowledge, training and lived experiences to do help parents and students with ADHD. At All Belong I offer coaching services, community support, and resources for parents of children with ADHD and for youth and young adults with ADHD.


I also offer workshops and presentation for groups and organizations interested in making their group more inclusive for neurodiverse, disabled, and/or LGBTQ communities.


I would love to talk to you about how we can work together. Book a free 20 minute session with me today so we can discover how we can best partner together and what we can accomplish.

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Recent Testimonials

I choose you Kat because you have brought so much order in my life. Your strategies to refocus me have made me so much more self aware in meetings. The way you broke down the directions for me today stopping me firmly to force me to slow down and listen not many people can do. It takes a lot of energy to be so attuned to another being. Anyone struggling to put order to chaos and interested in building some real executive functioning skills, Kat is your person. Don’t keep putting things off, get the tools from the expert and start thriving. Thank you Kat for all you did and keep doing. I would not be as effective as a business woman if it was not for your help.

Donna K

Kat is a warm and welcoming Coach who immediately made me feel comfortable during our session.  I was able to unpack my thoughts and concerns without any fear of judgement or criticism. I felt heard, understood, and validated.  The story snippets that Kat shared with me during our time together, made me feel less alone, less frazzled, and significantly more supported than I had felt prior to our meeting.  I would highly recommend Kat as a Coach, especially for a struggling parent, as her experience and expertise is perfectly aligned with those who most need to be heard and supported.

Nicole J