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  • This is my blog, where I share Real Chat about all things ADHD. I use personal anecdotes, education and humor to motivate and inspire you on your ADHD journey.
  • Access valuable information, resources, and practical tips for navigating life with ADHD, or navigating parenting a child(ren) with ADHD.
  • Discover ways to tap into individual strengths and develop personalized strategies that work for you and your family.
  • Challenge your limiting and negative thoughts, and begin to blast away ADHD related shame and guilt.
  • Develop tools to strengthen executive function skills such as time management, prioritization and organization.
  • Connect with a community of real people with lived experiences who share together the experiences, triumphs and challenges that come with ADHD, offering each other support and understanding.
  • Explore the benefits of ADHD Affirming personal or parenting coaching, and learn how to maximize the impact of your coaching sessions to achieve your goals.


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Kat Sweeney, MCLC


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In this blog, I may be discussing topics that are of interest to you, and I will probably discuss some topics that are not of interest to you. Please feel free to follow this blog by reading “All Blog Posts” – or check out the specific categories if there are certain topics that interest you more than others.


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