Why Sunflowers

Why Sunflowers? A Personal and Business Story           Sunflowers Are My Favorite Flower   When I decided to open my coaching business and began to work on my “branding” – there were two things I knew I wanted – the color purple, and sunflowers.  My original site was garishly purple and… Continue reading Why Sunflowers

Emotional Response-Ability ™

Kat’s Journey Towards Thriving with Emotional Response-Ability™     Thriving with Emotional  Response-Ability™ Changed My Life     My Introduction to Emotional Response-Ability I attended Thriving with Emotional Response-Ability when I attended a summit for coaches being held during International Coaching Week a few months ago. This was a week or maybe even two – where different… Continue reading Emotional Response-Ability ™

Working With Parents Of ADHD Kids

Working With Parents  One of my favorite parts about what I do is working with parents and other caregivers of ADHD kids and teens.   🌻 There is something very special about being invited into such a personal and vulnerable place as someone’s parenting space. I’m honored each and every time.    I wanted to… Continue reading Working With Parents Of ADHD Kids

The Journey Continues

In Today’s Update Changes to the Blog What types of coaching does Kat do?  Repeated Special Offer Brief Personal update     Hi Friends!     All Belong has officially become All Belong Coaching. I am now a Master Certified Life Coach – and am officially be open for business. I am an ADHD affirming Personal… Continue reading The Journey Continues

Officially A Certified Life Coach

In Today’s Update Coaching Journey Update Personal Updates What’s Coming Next? The Closing     It is official! I am now a Certified Life Coach!   Hi Friends!     I’m a little late getting this out but I think you will understand why if you keep reading! But in the meantime – Happy April! Happy… Continue reading Officially A Certified Life Coach

Welcome To March 2023

In Today’s Update Personal Updates Coaching Journey Update February Goals – How did I do? March Goals The Closing     Marching Onward! Hi Friends!   March has arrived! February is the shortest month and this year it seemed to fly by. In Rochester, we’ve had a mild winter so far – and earlier this week… Continue reading Welcome To March 2023