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Career Discovery with Kat

Let’s partner together to figure out what career matches with your skills, your interests, your values, and the way your brain works.



Did you know……?

73% of people employed today do NOT work in their chosen major or degree.

41% of recent graduates work in jobs that do NOT require a degree.

44% of workers' core skills are expected to require RE-skilling in the next 5 years.


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About The Method

Donna Kargel developed the Lotus Coaching Method by leveraging her extensive 27-year background in the education and career development sectors.  Her method, the Lotus Coaching Method is a contemporary approach to coaching that incorporates a variety of personality assessments and theories developed since the 1900s. 


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About Career Discovery Quest with Kat

Certified in the Lotus Coaching Method, I lean heavily into it while partnering with you to walk through your career discovery journey.  We will use popular assessments to uncover your personality, your interests, your values, and your goals and look at careers that align with who you really are. The primary aim is to provide you with the necessary tools, self awareness and self sufficiency to navigate your career path effectively – now and in the future.


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About Kat as your Career Quest Guide

As a Master Certified ADHD Coach, I partner with you to really understand how your brain works and what you might need to be successful in your chosen path. As an ADHDer myself, and as a parent of adult ADHD children, I have been where you are. I get it. I understand the challenges that come with having ADHD and trying to “figure out your life.”  I will meet you where you are, no judgment. 


Do you know what the current highly in-demand skills are for the current and future job market?




Who Is This Program For?

I’m glad you asked!


  • High School Students and Young Adults who would like to explore all of their options, strengths, and challenges to find a career path that works for them BEFORE spending tens of thousands of dollars on a degree or training that won’t work for them in the future. Save yourself a lot of time, energy, angst, and money! Plus increase the chance of success in your career goals.


  • Anyone with ADHD who is considering a new career, a career change, or who would like validation that they have chosen a path that is going to work for them.  Stop chasing after jobs and careers that aren’t suited for your interests, values, or the way your brain works!


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Career Path Ahead

Career Discovery Quest Details



  • 8 one-on-one coaching sessions (Weekly or bi-weekly option available)
  • Assessments at no additional cost including Personality Assessment, Core Workplace Values Assessment, Interest Assessment, etc.
  • Support between coaching sessions by way of email or text.


Goals and Outcomes

  • Identify your strengths, your interests, and your career values.
  • Determine areas of improvement needed to succeed in your chosen path.
  • Consider options for further education or training both traditional and non-traditional.
  • Gain clarity of purpose – understanding your best suited careers and ideal work environments for you.
  • Identify the path you are confident about pursuing.

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