About All Belong ADHD Coaching

All Belong ADHD Coaching

I am a Master Certified ADHD and Parent Coach who also has ADHD and has raised a couple awesome ADHD kids.


I became an ADHD Coach because I was the child that struggled in school, that felt weird and different and broken.


I was also the parent of ADHD kids who felt like I was doing everything wrong, struggled to find resources aand didn’t understand why traditional parenting advice just didn’t work. 


Today I use my extensive training  and lived experience to help students, adults, parents and other caregivers  of children with ADHD. I meet you where you are, and collaborate with you to set goals, uncover the roadblocks, and find the strategies that work for you and your family. 


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Kat Sweeney, MCLC

ADHD Coach

ADHD, LGBTQ+, and Disability Advocate

DEIB Consultant



Community Builder

Authenticity Chaser

ADHD Coaching For STudents and Adults with ADHD


I help students, teens and adults with ADHD to develop the skills & strategies necessary to increase their confidence, identify and overcome roadblocks, understand how to work with their brains, and conquer ADHD gremlins.

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Parent Coaching for Parents and Caregivers of Kids with ADHD


I help parents and caregivers who have kids who have ADHD to become the confident, connected care givers their kids need as they learn to regulate their emotions, succeed in school, and become happy and healthy adults.

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Coaching Corner for life coaches, ADHD Coaches, and similar coaches


I believe in the value and the power of coaching. I love working with new coaches. This section is dedicated to providing information, support, resources, inspiration and even humor to coaches and aspiring coaches.

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Pride and Proud


Kat Sweeney is a Certified Safe Zone Train The Trainer, and All Belong is a Safe Space for everyone.


I choose you Kat because you have brought so much order in my life. Your strategies to refocus me have made me so much more self aware in meetings. The way you broke down the directions for me today stopping me firmly to force me to slow down and listen not many people can do. It takes a lot of energy to be so attuned to another being. Anyone struggling to put order to chaos and interested in building some real executive functioning skills, Kat is your person. Don’t keep putting things off, get the tools from the expert and start thriving. Thank you Kat for all you did and keep doing. I would not be as effective as a business woman if it was not for your help.

Donna K

Kat is a warm and welcoming Coach who immediately made me feel comfortable during our session.  I was able to unpack my thoughts and concerns without any fear of judgement or criticism. I felt heard, understood, and validated.  The story snippets that Kat shared with me during our time together, made me feel less alone, less frazzled, and significantly more supported than I had felt prior to our meeting.  I would highly recommend Kat as a Coach, especially for a struggling parent, as her experience and expertise is perfectly aligned with those who most need to be heard and supported.

Nicole J



Working Working with Kat is a transformational experience. She is an excellent listener and collaborator, empowering others by helping them to connect with untapped inner resources and possibilities. Kat is a treasure trove of common sense solutions to daily life challenges and turns struggles into opportunities.

Jim McElroy, Contemplative Coaching For Modern Living

Kat is very easy to talk with! She’s a great listener and responds with suggestions for strategies that really work! She is helping me to become a task initiator, which is one of the toughest areas for me to overcome. I am beginning to gain confidence and do more! Kat made me feel comfortable right from day one. Reaching out for help is often frought with negative feelings, and with Kat I haven’t had any negative feelings or experiences! I am finally optimistic that I can overcome my difficulties!