Kat’s Passion Projects

Kat’s Passion Projects


In addition to being an ADHD Affirming Coach, I have a lot of passion projects. I am passionate about issues relating to belonging, diversity, and inclusion. I am involved in several board of directors, committees, event planning groups, and advocacy groups. I also run or co-run a few Community Groups.  Oh – and did I mention a radio show?


This section is all about where else you can find me, what I am up to, and what I am passionate about! 


If you have questions about any of these groups, organizations, or committees – I’ve linked them directly where possible, but I am always open to discussing my involvement, what we do, and why I got involved so feel free to send me an email at Kat@AllBelong.com


Places and Things I’m Involved With

From boards to committees to grassroots organizing to radio shows, I show up all sorts of places!

Changing Work Collective

Change Work Collective


Changing Work is focused on codifying and sharing conscious business practices that help organizations and individuals thrive. We believe work does not have to be painful! Work, when done right, can provide joy, fulfillment, connection, and inspiration. For businesses… * We provide tools and resources for teams and individuals to thrive. Training, keynotes, coaching, consulting. We’ve curated what works. For conscious business practitioners (coaches, consultants) * We’ve created a community to share best practices, learn from each other, and help amplify each other’s work Together, we can change work from the inside out!

Changing Work Collective


  • Note – The Changing Work Collective Link above is an Affiliate Link – if you join as a premium member using my link, I will get a percentage. But you can also join for free!  Read more about the Collective HERE.

Community Thrive

Secretary, Board of Directors

We envision a world where all young people have the opportunity and support to thrive, leveraging their unique talents and abilities to shape a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

Rainbow Roc

LGBTQ+ Radio Show Co-Host

Local LGBTQ+ Radio Show. Based in Rochester, NY. A motley crew of queer folks host this two-hour local show.  We play music of all sorts, talk politics – local and worldwide, discuss local happenings and events, and get up to occasional shenanigans. If you are in Rochester, you can listen on Monday afternoons from 1 to 3 pm on 104.3 FM.

We Exist FLX

We Exist Coalition of the Finger Lakes

Board of Directors, Secretary

Our mission is to be a voice and presence for the Transgender and Gender Expansive Community.  Our vision for this chapter is to enhance, empower, and advocate for the lives of the Transgender and Gender Expansive Community of the Finger Lakes area by providing a voice, a presence, the resources, a community and a safe space for people to live their most authentic lives.


Rochester Pride Events

Volunteer Extraordinaire

A Rochester has two full months of PRIDE celebration and I’ve been volunteering for many years. Over the years I’ve helped with the parade, the festival, Pride Drag Bingo, The Big Queer Prom, and a whole bunch of other events – we sure like to celebrate PRIDE.

Rochester Erotic Art Festival

Volunteer Extraordinaire

Weekend festival full of:

  • Edgy, hot and beautiful erotic art
  • Performances ranging from classy aerial dance to bawdy burlesque
  • Unique shopping for clothing, jewelry, sex toys
  • Classes in art, dance, and sex ed for adventurous adults volunteering for many years.


Facebook Groups I Own or Help Moderate

All Belong’s FREE ADHD Community

Free and INclusive Group For anyone ages 18 and over who has ADHD or parents someone with ADHD


All Belong's ADHD Parents Free Community

All Belong’s FREE Parenting ADHD Community

Free and inclusive group for Parents and caregivers of kids who have adhd


Coaches Building Up Coaches

Free group for coaches with ICF training to support and encourage each other


LGBT Rochester, NY and more

Local LGBTQ+ Rochester, NY, group – announcements, community and more


Rochester Queer Commuinty – Reimagining pride

rochester, NY Queer community members interested in reimagining how we do PRIDE



Read More About Me

You can read more about me, my coaching services, and more by going HERE.