Why Sunflowers

Why Sunflowers?

A Personal and Business Story






Sunflowers Are My Favorite Flower


When I decided to open my coaching business and began to work on my “branding” – there were two things I knew I wanted – the color purple, and sunflowers.  My original site was garishly purple and did not evoke the images and feelings that I wanted to convey to my friends and clients, and suddenly sunflowers became the obvious choice.


Sunflowers have been my favorite flower for a long time.  Before I looked into any of the meanings or symbolisms behind sunflowers, I knew on a personal level that seeing them evoked feelings of joy, peace, happiness, soothing, and strength.  When I did my research as I made the switch to a sunflower-based brand, I was delighted to find that my own feelings about sunflowers are often represented in the symbolism of sunflowers and their meaning. 


Today I thought I’d share a little bit about why sunflowers are amazing, why I believe that both myself and my coaching style are similar to sunflowers, and why they bring me joy.



I believe that sunflowers have remarkable resilience, as do the people I work with.  Sunflowers stand tall in the face of adversity and continue to grow and flourish.


To me the sunflower symbolizes the idea that if a person has the right support, they can overcome roadblocks and challenges and achieve remarkable growth. This is the resiliency I hope to help my clients cultivate.


On a personal level, this resiliency is something that deeply resonates with me in several ways as I have, at times, felt like I was alone and struggling with the challenges of living with ADHD and parenting kids with ADHD. Like the sunflowers, I – and my clients – have an amazing ability to rise above and flourish.






Positivity and Growth

One fascinating thing about sunflowers is their unwavering focus on the sun, as they continuously seek the light throughout the day. This serves as a metaphor for personal growth and learning.


I partner with people in their journey towards self discovery and autonomy, just like the sunflowers unceasing journey towards the source of light. Sunflowers also speak of an undeniable positivity and happiness with their cheerful presence.


Just like I aim to offer kind and authentic support to those impacted by ADHD, the sunflower represents this positivity, giving a sense of hope and optimism into my approach.  




Inclusivity and Belonging

Every sunflower is unique and diverse. Each flower’s petals are both similar to, and different from, the next flower. These gorgeous flowers represent inclusivity, diversity, and belonging.


I am committed to fostering a sense of understanding, belonging, and acceptance.  To me, sunflowers demonstrate that every individual, regardless of their differences, is beautiful, valued and appreciated as we work together to create an atmosphere of belonging and togetherness. 






Well Being and Joy

For many people sunflowers evoke a connection to nature, and more importantly to the positive elements of well being. I work with people to achieve well-being despite any challenges ADHD may throw their way. We learn to THRIVE with ADHD not manage it.


Sunflowers emphasize the beauty of wellness and the importance of taking care of the entire person. Sunflowers bring a sense of calmness, a sense of joy, and a sense of belonging.  It has been my experience that people can’t help but smile when they look at sunflowers.



My personal, personal reasons

I felt that sunflowers represented me and my personality long before I had a “brand.”  I feel a special connection to sunflowers, they make me feel strong and joyful and brave.


In addition to ADHD, I have mental health struggles – most particularly Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I am as familiar with trauma as I am with the back of my own hand.


I’ve often found myself in places and situations that felt very dark, and yet I find myself able to stand back up tall and face the sun and keep my soul beautiful while doing it. 

Sunflowers remind me of my strength and resilience every time I look at them. And so it feels natural that I share them with you.




You Are A Sunflower Too

Thank you for reading this far, my friend. I hope you got a little peek into who I am and how I want my business to be. Moreover, you should know that I view my clients, and my friends, each as a unique and wonderful sunflower. You are strong, and brave, and unique.

I’ll be back next week with a blog about tips for increasing your FOCUS. Until then, remember to breathe, and remember – I think you are amazing.



PS – If you want to know more about me, and you haven’t already checked it out – check out my ABOUT sections for more information about me, my passions, my coaching philosophy and more.  



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  1. Oh, Kris, this is gorgeous and so positive! I enjoyed learning more about you and your sunflower brand 🌻

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