New Year Intention Setting 2024

2024 Intentions

Intention Setting for 2024

Welcome to 2024, friend. 


Last month, I talked about making New Year resolutions. I promised to bring you my thoughts about intention setting instead. This is what works better for me than traditional resolutions, which I think can set me up for failure. 


Last week I did my reflection and intention setting, so I thought I’d talk with you a little bit about the process I used, and some of what my 2024 intentions look like. My main focus is to bring myself, my life, and my business into better alignment with my values.


2024 Intentions




When getting ready for my intention setting session this the year, I first thought about what things I needed to consider. One reason that traditional resolutions fail is because we make them while only thinking about what we want, without considering all the contributing factors.

Here are some of the things that I wanted to spend time considering before I set my intentions for the year.

  • What supports do I have in place that will contribute to the success of my intentions.
  • What things have come up this year that created road blocks to being intentional.
  • What things are nagging at me to be changed.
  • How much time do I have.
  • How is my physical, mental, and spiritual health.
  • How do I feel I did in the last year aligning my intentions with my values and keeping my intentions as my guide posts. 

Aligning My Values

With my main focus clear, “to bring myself, my life, and my business into better alignment with my values“, the next step in my intention setting process was to review and reassess my values and redefine any that need better clarity.

The process of defining, or re-defining, your values can seem daunting or overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be.  Last year I created a tool to use for myself that I called my “Umbrella of Authenticity.” I used my own tool, and worked with another coach for several sessions, to define several things about myself, one of which is creating my values.

Here are some of the things that went into the creation of my values.

  • Value Assessment Tools – I mentioned that I created my own Umbrella tool, but there are many types of tools and exercises a person can use to help them consider their values. I sometimes get stuck thinking of words that are values and the tools help spark my thought process.
  • Self Reflection and Journaling – Time spent thinking about things and people that matter most to me. Reflecting about what fulfills me, what makes me feel authentic, what brings me joy. Review last year’s successes and challenges and what lessons they taught me.
  • Balance and Boundaries – Looking at how I have balanced personal and business commitments, what boundaries do I have and where do I struggle to hold those boundaries. For business I reassessed my existing mission and vision statement. 



My Personal and Business Intentions

Finally the step where I actually created and and set my intentions for this year.  Here is a partial list of what I came up with, personally and for my business this year.

  • Be Unapologetically Authentic, Say “Yes” to Joy, and practice both self care and self love.
  • Act With Love and Kindness, assume good will, practice forgiveness and show compassion.
  • Act with Courage, Despite My Fears
  • Own my expertise, continue reclaiming my power, and get comfortable pitching myself and my services.
  • Become a stronger, more confident and more conscious business leader.
  • Network and collaborate with the amazing people I’ve met this year, and continue to build amazing communities.
  • Continue to focus on business development while also focusing on creating accessible options and resources. Consider free and low cost options, membership levels, and group coaching in the future.
  • Develop ADHD Coaching packages and programs for students, adults and parents designed to increase awareness,  provide resources, and develop skills needed to thrive with ADHD. 
  • Continue to develop DEIB presentations, programs, and resources for coaches, schools, caretakers and organizations from the disabled, neurodivergent and LGBTQ+ lens.  


Have You Set Your Intentions?

If you want to identify your personal and/or business values, align your intentions with those values, and develop strategies for succeeding in your intentions, I can help.  If goals and resolutions work for you, we can work through that together too, or we can focus on intention setting.

I can partner with you to walk through this process in a way that will work for you, your unique brain, and your life. Book a free, no obligation discovery call with me and let’s get started today.


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Don’t delay, friend. You deserve to have clarity, self love, and more.  If you have a question before booking your free discovery call, you can email me at or text me at 585-601-0088.

Kat Sweeney, MCLC


🌻Don’t Delay Joy🌻

Kat Sweeney, MCLC



PS – This was an early draft of my Umbrella of Authenticity. Eventually all four sections are filled in. I created this to help set intentions, but also to help me with my RSD by being able to look at this monster and compare what a critic (including myself) may be saying to this umbrella.  It’s helped me in a lot of ways. When you book me, let me know if you’d like to work through this tool for yourself!

Umbrella of Authenticity



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