New Year Resolutions – When You Have ADHD

Things to Remember When Making New Years Resolutions with ADHD

New Year Resolutions –


Things To Remember When You Have ADHD


We are less than two weeks away from bringing in the new year, 2024. If you are like millions of other people, you might be considering what to make, if anything, for your New Year Resolutions.


As someone with ADHD, you might be a mixture of hopeful and skeptical of yourself. After all, you likely have not kept previous resolutions, so while you are determined to keep these ones, there’s a little voice in the back of your head that tells you it doubts these will last a month.


If you decide that you would like to make a few resolutions for the new year, I’ve got a few tips for you to keep in mind!

Things to Remember When Making New Years Resolutions with ADHD




Don’t Overcomplicate Your Resolutions

You are most likely to succeed in keeping your resolutions if you keep them simple and easy to remember. Making them too complicated will decrease your likelihood of success.


Prioritize Your Resolutions

If you have more than one or two resolutions on your list, pick the top three. Prioritize the ones you are most determined to succeed at.  Keep those at the top of the list and even print them out and put them where you can see them.



If you are determined to reach a goal, make sure it is a SMART Goal. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.   Instead of “do the dishes more” consider something more like “I resolve to do the dishes three times a week by the end of February.”


Be A Little Flexible

Be a little flexible with your resolutions. If what you try in an attempt to make a resolution stick doesn’t work, take what did work and tweak it and try again.  If your circumstances change, let your goal change a little also. Be flexible in thinking as well as finding solutions.


Rewards and Self Compassion

Build rewards in for making progress toward your goals, and practice self compassion if you slide back or don’t progress as quickly as you would like.  Give yourself the same compassion you would give to your best friend.



Accountability is one of the biggest motivators for folks with ADHD. Consider building it in to your resolution. If you want to get healthier, try enlisting a friend to take a class with.  You could ask a friend or loved one to go walking with you.  Writing a novel? Do a co-working session with a friend. You could ask a friend or loved one to check in with you to see what progress you are making. An ADHD Coach (like me!) can often provide accountability through your coaching sessions.


My Thoughts About Resolutions

With everything I have said in this blog, it might surprise you to know that I don’t really do new year resolutions, at least not in the traditional way. Resolutions, to me, is a weird word – like I wasn’t resolved before? And sometimes for us folks with ADHD, no matter how much RESOLVE we have, we still aren’t going to do-the-thing.


What works for me instead, is some reflection on the previous year, and considering some goals or intentions for the incoming year. I don’t set specific resolutions, but instead consider how I can bring myself or my life in better alignment with my values. Making intentions and flexible goals works for me.


What resolutions are you making for the new year? Are you keeping your goals SMART? If you don’t make resolutions, is there something else that works for you? I’d love to hear about it.


That is it for this blog, friend, and there is only one more blog for the year!  Next week I will be taking a look back at my 2023 year in review. I hope to see you there.

Kat Sweeney, MCLC

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Kat Sweeney, MCLC

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