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Marching Onward!

Hi Friends!  

March has arrived! February is the shortest month and this year it seemed to fly by. In Rochester, we’ve had a mild winter so far – and earlier this week we had snow thunder and lightening. It was really cool and not something I’ve ever seen before.  My partner who loves weather related things was positively giddy and that made me super happy. We are looking forward to spring arriving and with it flowers! We have several rose bushes in our yard, with more likely coming. Plus some other flowers, blueberries, raspberries and more. Because it’s been so mild, no maple tapping was done this season! What have you all been doing during the month of February? What are you excited about for Spring? I think the thing I’m MOST looking forward to is being able to take the dogs outside more!


I am just sending this out to say Happy March and to give you a few updates – and at the end – ask for your input!  


Coaching Journey – This is the area of my life that I’ve done the most I’m excited about. Last time we spoke, I was working on figuring out how to attend a life coaching program after the state program said no. I’m lucky and privileged and loved – and each of my partners agreed to pay for the first two parts of the program I need to take to get started, so I went ahead and registered and paid!

That means next weekend I’ll be taking part one of the Certified Life Coaching Course, and then late in April I will take part two. Once that is done, I’ll be practicing, and then beginning to see clients. I believe I will be doing so through my current job, and not as my own business – at least to get started. So I’m very excited about that.  Have I mentioned how amazing my job is?  Then I’ll be ready to figure out financing for the big part of my training – the ADHD specific training – so that in the future I can help coach folks with ADHD in a variety of areas of life. I cannot express how excited I am about this – and how wonderful it is to BE excited about something again. It’s been a while and I was convinced for a brief while that I would never have a purpose again. But now I do and I can’t wait to get started. When I’m ready to do the ADHD courses, I’ll really have to figure out the fund – but its a several month program that meets twice a week. It sounds perfect.

I have to admit I am nervous as hell about all of this. I’m nervous about sitting through 8 hours a day, 3 days in a row of classes – including interacting with strangers. I’m nervous about if I’ll be able to retain all that information. I’m nervous because I need to call Social Security to talk about how to report future income and such and I just hate calling them!  I’m nervous because what if I’m no good? What if no one wants a purple haired ADHD mess as a coach? What if I find out I’m bad at it?  So many worries.  I’m doing things to set myself up for success as best as I can. I have a clean area set up with all the things I think I’ll need – two monitors, a flat surface to write on, all the programs downloaded that they suggested we do before class. I’ve got various lighting so I can change it through the day if needed. I have a basket of fidget toys near by. I cleared a small shelf to put extra drinks and snacks on. I am buying some brand new notebooks for notes and a new candle to burn while I learn – because it makes me feel nice!  I have all my chargers set up and I think I’m going to buy a lumbar support since I will be sitting for so long.  So – definitely I’m nervous, but I’m doing all that I can to set myself up for success.  

I’ll be in class next weekend, and I will update you all as soon as I can – at least in the April blog if not before. You may catch updates quicker on YouTube, TikTok or Instagram so don’t forget to follow me there.

How did I do on those February Goals? Last month I started sharing some monthly goals with you.  These are more like guidelines and there’s no shame if I don’t hit them. It’s just a way to share with you all while also keeping me accountable. It’s also for my own self reflection – am I setting goals too hard or too high? What’s working and what isn’t? Again – this is something I only recommend to folks if they can do this and *not* feel shame if they didn’t meet their goal. It’s a learning process!

  1. Social Media Goals – YouTube Video every Thursday, plus at least one short per week. Instagram – post at least five days a week; including three reels per week. Other stuff as desired. Update – I did not hit my YouTube goals. I mostly met my IG Goals though not all the reels.  
  2. Coaching Journey Goals – Figure out funding for Coaching Program; Study ADHD Coaching material at least 2ce per week. Update – I did find funding and register for the coaching program. I also completed research, studied, and did class prep work, in addition to beginning a book called The Guide to ADHD Coaching.
  3. Big Girl Goals – call social security; get thyroid U/s done – Update – I attempted to call social security once, was on hold for 19 minutes and then hung up on. I decided to call again later and forgot.  I also forgot that I needed to do this U/s. I did do some other big girl things this month, but not the two I listed.
  4. Self Care Goals – read one book. Go on at least 2 friend dates. Get a pedicure. Update – Read, but not the whole book yet – about 1/3.  Went on 2 friend dates, 2 family outings and got a pedicure!  Bonus – a partner and I went on a date and stayed at a hotel with a hot tub – one of my most favoritest self care things ever!

I am going to post these goals somewhere I can see them all month and I’ll let you know how it goes!

So what about March Goals? Last month I did okay with hitting my goals. But I also learned that one of my roadblocks was that I didn’t write them down where I could see them. So when I sat here to look at them to update the blog – I saw there was at least one thing I had forgotten about.  So that’s a lesson learned, which is part of why I’m doing this – so this month I will be writing my goals down and putting them where I can see them.

  1. Social Media Goals – YouTube Video every Thursday, plus at least one short per week starting March 13. Instagram – post at least five days a week; including two reels per week.   
  2. Coaching Journey Goals – Take part one course. Continue reading ADHD coaching book. Other goals as determined during coursework
  3. Big Girl Goals – call social security. Get thyroid U/s done. See new psych doctor for the first time
  4. Self Care Goals – Go on at least 2 friend dates. Get my hair refreshed. Do something crafty.

That is my start of March update – a few days late, as usual!  I’ve been having fun making social media posts so please do visit my other platforms – you can find me on FB, IG, TikTok, Twitter…..

I mentioned in the beginning that at the end of this blog I’d ask your input. I love to create and give out freebies, but I need to know what you all would find helpful or fun or interesting. I’ve done in the past a daily planner, a two week symptom tracker, some queer and poly terminology and a few others. What types of things would you like to get free? Informational PDFs? Wall Art? Tips? Some type of humor? Resources? Let me know what you’d like!

As always, I’d love to hear from you. If you have any comments, questions, ideas, etc. please drop me some comments here, on any of my social media platforms, or by email at kat@allbelong.com. Coming up on YouTube are videos about internalized ableism, ADHD friendly homes, and executive function impairment so make sure you follow me there!


Love always,



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