What’s Happening? What’s New?

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s going on!

  • Lots & Lots Of Research
  • YouTube Channel
  • Format Changes
  • Your Suggestions Wanted

What’s Happening? What’s New?

What’s Going On At All Belong @ Kat’s Big Queer Poly World?


Hello Friends!


It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted, and I wanted to give you an update.  So what’s happening? What have I been up to?  So much I’m not sure I can remember to mention it all!


First and foremost, what’s been taking up the most amount of my time has simply been research. Building this website from the ground up, I’m constantly seeking out ways to make it better. I’ve changed several elements several times. I’ve been enjoying learning the graphics portion as well as the website building portion. And I enjoy writing my blog entries.


Most recently, I’ve been learning all about creating a YouTube channel. I’ve been watching many many YouTube videos about making YouTube videos. And I find it fascinating and interesting and challenging. Now, why am I researching creating a YouTube channel?  Because – you guessed it – I am going to launch a YouTube Channel for All Belong @ Kat’s Big Queer Poly World!


I will be talking about Queer and Poly issues, as well as touching on issues relating to neurodiversity, chronic pain, and mental health. A lot of the same things I blog about over here.  I’ve begun making videos, and learning how to edit them. And while I have a LOT to learn still, I’m pretty happy with the way that they are turning out. And I can’t wait to share it with you.  I’m not quite ready to launch the channel publicly yet, but I hope to launch by July 15th.  That’s just in time for Rochester Pride! (Yes, we celebrate Pride in July where I live.)


So what does that mean for the blog? Just some formatting changes. The blog will still be here and updated. The blog and the YouTube channel (as well as the other social media platforms) are all intended to compliment and supplement each other. There will be some format changes, as there already have been. I’m still figuring out all-the-things and you’ll probably see lots of changes until I find a rhythm that works.


Some of the ideas that I’m tossing around are things like – making Mondays Mental Health focused on all my platforms. Making a blog entry and/or Video once a week about a Queer and/or Poly topic. Posting a Queer & Poly in the Media once a week, I’m thinking on YouTube. Posting a blog entry here at least once a week with updates, as well as trying to make at least one other blog entry a week. I think I’d like to create a mailing list and do a monthly newsletter.  I have lots of ideas, and I’ve been learning so much.


I’ll also continue to post on various places about my explorations around Rochester, and at events where ever I go. It’s July – and here that means PRIDE! So I’ll be posting a lot about PRIDE events – I’ve already started if you’ve seen my Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter feeds!  


So that’s a bit about what’s happening, what I’ve been doing and ideas that I’ve been tossing around going forward. I’d love to hear from you about what YOU would like to see/hear/read? What do you think about any of my ideas? Feel free to shout out ideas of your own. I’d love to hear your thoughts about formatting stuff, and I’m always open to questions and/or topic suggestions. Drop me a comment here, or email me at kat@allbelong.com!


Enjoy the summer friends, and Happy Pride (again!)







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