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Emotional Response Ability

Kat’s Journey Towards Thriving with Emotional Response-Ability



Emotional Response Ability

Thriving with Emotional  Response-Ability™ Changed My Life



My Introduction to Emotional Response-Ability

I attended Thriving with Emotional Response-Ability when I attended a summit for coaches being held during International Coaching Week a few months ago. This was a week or maybe even two – where different coaches around the world gave webinars and lectures.  It was a great experience, I watched and listened to a lot of things, and engaged with instructors and other coaches.


One of the classes I took during the event was an hour long class by Charles Jones about being Emotionally Response-able.  In this class, he introduced me to the idea that our emotions don’t need to be managed, but rather acknowledged and addressed.


Heart Made of Sunflowers


Emotional Response-Ability In A Nutshell


In a nutshell, the idea is that our feelings are designed to alert us to something our subconscious feels we need, and we need to acknowledge and address this alert.  And that if we ignorethe feeling by managing it or shoving it away, the feelings won’t be  addressed and will come back to us again and again.


Instead, he proposes that we move away from what he refers to as a “circumstantial” view to an “effectiveness” point of view. Instead of ruminating on the thing/person that gave you a negative feeling, you acknowledge your feeling and create a plan to address the need that your subconscious alerted you to. Once you do that, the negative feeling is resolved. Even if the situation is not resolved yet.


Emotional Response-Ability Professionally 


I started this class to gain knowledge and tools to assist me in my Coaching Journey. It is important to me to have as many tools to help people in my pocket as possible. It has given me more understanding than I imagined.


I now feel confident that I can help my clients move from what Charles’ refers to as the “circumstantial” point of view to the “effective” point of view. If this resonates with my clients the way it has with me, changing this point of view will greatly impact their lives.


Heart Made of Sunflowers

Emotional Response-Ability Personally


Emotional  Response-Ability not only gave me more tools for my coaching clients, it has profoundly changed the way I view emotions and how to address them


Many of you know that I have been dealing with PTSD, and this class  was perfect.  It was feeling stalled on my healing journey and this class helped be get unstuck and resolve feelings that were keeping me stuck. Feelings of shame, grief, and anger have finally started to fade and they are beginning to be replaced by a determination to thrive and become a force of nature.


I feel like I can breathe again, and can turn my attention to the coping skills I’ve known I had but felt like I could not access until I shifted my mindset.


Emotional Response-Ability and You


I just finished this class and think it was worth every penny of investment.  Charles will be offering the class again – in TWO different accessible ways.  There is an option that is self-paced and a little lower price point, and the option that I did which is a 12 week group class.


IF you can afford it, go for the group class. You attend one hour a week, get valuable feedback from Charles and from your peers, and hear how the lessons impact them as well. I found it incredibly validating and helpful.


And as a bonus – it helped me not buy a program and either never finish it or take foreverrrrr to do so because I sometimes do that!


If you can’t manage the group session, then absolutely go for the self paced lower priced option. It has all the exact same lessons and worksheets, but without the weekly feedback from Charles or any feedback from your peers. Still worth it 1000% AND Charles doesn’t leave you hanging after you buy the self paced option – you get a few 1:1 calls with him that you can use to get clarity, feedback, and ask questions!


This class is valuable to ANY individual and may be especially valuable to folks who provide counseling, therapy, coaching, or any type of working with people and their feelings.  I am NOT an affiliate or getting any kickback for recommending this. I simply truly believe in it.



That’s it for this bonus blog post recommendation!  If you take the class, let Charles know you heard about it from me!  And then let me know what you thought of it when you complete it


I think you will be as impressed as I am.


Kat Sweeney, MCLC


🌻 Don’t Delay Joy 🌻

Kat Sweeney



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