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Hi Friends!  


All Belong has officially become All Belong Coaching. I am now a Master Certified Life Coach – and am officially be open for business. I am an ADHD affirming Personal and Relationship Coach.


The blog is going to be changing – and staying the same. I will continue to be sharing all the things I’ve always shared – but now I’ll also be sharing things from a coaching perspective. New goals, new direction, new look!  I’m also tidying up the categories for easier browsing. For today, I’m just going to share a little bit about what type of coaching I specifically do.


Coaching Services (general) – I come to our sessions with the beliefs that my clients are whole people who are not broken and do not need to be fixed. What I do is  partner with you to explore ways to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. My coaching services are ADHD, LGBTQ+ and Poly Affirming and I enjoy working with individuals, parents, families, couples, poly families, and more.


Personal Life Coaching – I will partner with you to build self-confidence, uncover your personal strengths, and find and embrace the authentic you. This may look like gaining strategies for achieving goals, embracing your ADHD brain, executive skills building, blasting away negative self esteem, identifying roadblocks, support during the coming out process, examining limiting thoughts, or bringing yourself into alignment with your core values. 


Relationship Coaching – I will partner with you and, if desired, your loved one(s) to build, nurture, and repair the relationships that are important to you. This may look like intimate partner(s) relationship coaching, parenting or parent/child coaching, Queer and Poly relationship coaching, sibling coaching, or something entirely different. Some of the things we could work in include working on nurturing supportive relationships, enforcing healthy boundaries, building communication skills, navigating a loved ones coming out process, communicating with your ADHD loved one, repairing sibling relationships, keeping your sanity as a care giver or letting go of unhealthy and toxic relationships.


I have written a little more about my coaching style, the types of coaching I can provide, and more in the About section. You can start HERE.


Keep reading for a quick personal update!



Personal Updates  I can’t believe it’s almost June. I don’t have much on the personal front to report to you all, because I’ve been busy working on All Belong and all that goes into it.  I had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend in which I acquired my eighth pet for the house. My esteemed colleague, Dr. Webber.  This is my second beta fish, one for each desk I work from at home.  Here’s Marshmallow who is white red and blue, and Dr. Webber who is blue and red.


What else has been happening – If you read my last entry I was getting ready to pain the upstairs office/bedroom which I did get completed! I’m still working on final touches but the painting is done. It’s been fun redecorating. Other than that just working on the business, seeing clients, and learning as much as I possibly can from as many places as I can. I attended a bunch of coaching webinars during International Coaching week which was amazing. I’ve also been reading a lot and trying not to neglect my partners, family, pets or friends.  Keeps a girl busy for sure!  




What is Next? Plus A Special Offer!  I am seeing clients, building the business, working on accreditation and creating helpful content for you! Make sure to find me on social media and let me know what you love, what you’d like to see more or less of, what ideas or questions you have, etc. I love hearing from you.


In the last blog I did, I offered a special offer to anyone who joined my email list before my “go live” date. I promised to offer the typical free 20 minute consultation but I will also give you $10 off of your initial intake appointment. 


Well – due to a technical issue (the form wasn’t working) I am extending that offer to anyone who joins my mailing list by June 30th. If you, by chance, attempted to fill out the form from the last blog I wrote, please try again – I promise it’s working this time.


Joining the email list will also give you access to newsletters, tips, freebies, specials and more. It’s free to join, no commitment or obligation necessary.   You can sign up for my email list here:


That’s it from me today, friends. As always please let me comments or contact me if you have any questions, thoughts, topic suggestions, etc. I appreciate your feedback,


Thank you so much for stopping by – and remember – you are amazing.


Love always,



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