Tips For Boosting Focus

Tips For Boosting Focus   One of the things that people ask me the most often is, “What are some tips for maintaining or boosting focus?” This is not surprising because having trouble regulating our focus is a hallmark ADHD symptom that many of us struggle with.   We have lower levels or uneven levels… Continue reading Tips For Boosting Focus

Why Sunflowers

Why Sunflowers? A Personal and Business Story           Sunflowers Are My Favorite Flower   When I decided to open my coaching business and began to work on my “branding” – there were two things I knew I wanted – the color purple, and sunflowers.  My original site was garishly purple and… Continue reading Why Sunflowers

The Three C Philosophy

The Three C Philosophy   I have a program for parents of children who have ADHD called Navigating ADHD Parenting: Embrace the Three C Philosophy. Raising kids who are neurodivergent and likely have difficulties with emotional regulation, time management, working memory and task initiation is different than raising kids who are neurotypical.   Because of… Continue reading The Three C Philosophy

Tips For CoRegulating Emotions With Your Child

CoRegulating Emotions With Your Child – A few tips   Last Month I dropped a blog entry about coregulating emotions with your child who has ADHD. I discussed what that is and why it is important. You can read that blog post HERE if you missed it.   I promised to bring you some tips… Continue reading Tips For CoRegulating Emotions With Your Child

ADHD Back To School Tips

  Back To School Tips   In This Blog, Back To School Tips For elementary school For High School For College For Parents and Caregivers Book Your Discovery Session Back To School Tips  Guide for helping parents of ADHD kiddos get back to school on a good start.   It’s back to school time. If… Continue reading ADHD Back To School Tips

Working With Parents Of ADHD Kids

Working With Parents  One of my favorite parts about what I do is working with parents and other caregivers of ADHD kids and teens.   🌻 There is something very special about being invited into such a personal and vulnerable place as someone’s parenting space. I’m honored each and every time.    I wanted to… Continue reading Working With Parents Of ADHD Kids