Workshops And Presentations For Coaches Professionals And More

Workshops, Presentations, and Other Services For Coaches, Groups, Professionals and Organizations

Workshops and Presentations 

Workshops, Presentations, and Other Services For Coaches, Groups, Professionals and Organizations

Welcome to a journey where collaboration meets impact. 

I am on a mission is to reshape mindsets and shatter the  stigmas surrounding neurodiversity, disabilities, and LGBTQ communities. Here you will find workshops, presentations, and resources for coaches, groups, organizations, and professionals. 


In the realm of coaching and professional development, I extend my expertise to individuals, coaches, groups, and organizations seeking to navigate the unique dynamics associated with ADHD. Together, we can dive deep into understanding how ADHD shapes daily life, school, and professional endeavors.


In a world growing more diverse each day, I am dedicated to fostering inclusive environments and progressive policies that ensure all clients, staff members and volunteers can do their thing without fear of discrimination.


Join me in breaking down barriers and cultivating a society where diversity is not just acknowledged or accommodated, but celebrated.



Workshops and Services


Workshops and Presentations

These are examples of workshops and presentations I can bring to you. I’d be happy to discuss other workshops or topics with you and create a personalized presentation.  Contact me to talk about how we can work together!


For anyone working with adults or kids with ADHD.

  • ADHD 101: Tips for Working with ADHD Clients/Customers
  • ADHD Kids 101: Tips for working with ADHD kids
  • Creating Inclusive Environments for ADHD Success
  • Team Building with ADHD: Fostering Collaboration and Understanding
  • ADHD in the Workplace: Navigating Challenges and Promoting Success
  • Building ADHD-Friendly Policies and Practices


For Coaches

  • Coaching ADHD Clients 101: Why Traditional Advice doesn’t work for ADHD Brains 
  • Effective Coaching Strategies for ADHD
  • Coaching When The Coach Has ADHD
  • ADHD And Time Management: Coaching Tools and Tricks
  • ADHD and Self Esteem – Coaching for Confidence
  • Inclusive Coaching for Neurodiversity and LGBTQ+ Communities


For Solopreneurs and Small Business Start Ups

  • Entrepreneurship and ADHD: Leveraging Your Unique Strengths
  • Productivity Hacks for Small Business Success
  • Inclusive Leadership in Your Small Business
  • Managing Stress and ADHD Burnout for Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners
  • Networking for the Neurodiverse Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing Your Small Business with ADHD in Mind
  • Mindful Decision Making for the ADHD Small Business Owner

Consultations & More

In addition to workshops and presentations, I offer consultations, collaborations, and other trainings.

  • Consulting to individuals, business owners, solopreneurs, and other coaches relating to ADHD.
  • Safe Zone Training – Creating LGBTQ+ Inclusive Policies and Spaces
  • More To Come Soon!


Consultations and More




I have collected resources for coaches, groups, organizations, and companies.