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Created by ADHD Coach Kat Sweeney




The Neurodivergent Entrepreneur's Bundle


The Neurodivergent Entrepreneur’s Bundle


Three Guides To Bring Your Idea To Life

  1. Ten Tips For Neurodivergent Business Owners – Unlocking Your Potential.
  2. Building Your Neurodivergent Business – Kat’s 10 Step Basic Business Plan
  3. Get Started Now – 10 Tips To Help You Tackle Task Initiation

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10 Tips To Help You Tackle Task Initiation


You know what you need to do but just can’t seem to get yourself to start doing it. That’s task initiation and ADHD people often struggle with it. Here’s my ADHD Guide with all about Task Initiation and the 10 Best Tips for helping you or your loved one get s*&t done!



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