Why Sunflowers

Why Sunflowers? A Personal and Business Story           Sunflowers Are My Favorite Flower   When I decided to open my coaching business and began to work on my “branding” – there were two things I knew I wanted – the color purple, and sunflowers.  My original site was garishly purple and… Continue reading Why Sunflowers

Meeting Your Sensory Needs

Meeting Your Sensory Needs Do you put any time into meeting your sensory needs? Have you ever found yourself distracted from work because the sound of water dripping or a clock ticking is driving you up a wall?  Have you ever realized you were reading a book or watching tv while sitting in a strange… Continue reading Meeting Your Sensory Needs

ADHD Awareness Month

ADHD Awareness Month   Why Do We Need ADHD Awareness Month? Facts About ADHD Myth Busting ADHD Interesting Things About ADHD How A Coach Can Help   October – ADHD Awareness Month   Why Do We Need ADHD Awareness Month?   The obvious answer is that we need people to be more aware.  While we… Continue reading ADHD Awareness Month

ADHD Back To School Tips

  Back To School Tips   In This Blog, Back To School Tips For elementary school For High School For College For Parents and Caregivers Book Your Discovery Session Back To School Tips  Guide for helping parents of ADHD kiddos get back to school on a good start.   It’s back to school time. If… Continue reading ADHD Back To School Tips

Working With Parents Of ADHD Kids

Working With Parents  One of my favorite parts about what I do is working with parents and other caregivers of ADHD kids and teens.   🌻 There is something very special about being invited into such a personal and vulnerable place as someone’s parenting space. I’m honored each and every time.    I wanted to… Continue reading Working With Parents Of ADHD Kids

ADHD and Trouble With Transitions

Trouble with Transitions – A common problem for ADHD folks.   I have trouble with transitions. Shifting my attention from one task to another is one of areas I have struggles with.  I might have trouble when I get interrupted when I’m concentrating. I might struggle when I need to turn my attention from work… Continue reading ADHD and Trouble With Transitions