The Neurodivergent Entrepreneur’s Bundle

The Neurodivergent Bundles - Ten Tips for ND Business Owners, Building Your Neurodivergent Business Plan, and Ten Tips to Help You Tackle Task Initiation


The Neurodivergent Entrepreneur’s Bundle



Three Guides To Bring Your Idea To Life


Building a business when you are neurodivergent can be exciting beyond all belief. And it can also be overwhelming.  There are a lot of executive functions involved in successfully starting and running a business.


Most of the advice out there about starting a business is geared towards, or written by, neurotypical people. So they include advice like “be consistent.” Or plans that must be followed in a certain order in a certain time frame in order to guarantee success.


They may include what platforms, tools, or programs they think you must use in order to succeed. They sell you expensive programs that are not inclusive of neurodiverse audiences. They set you up for failure and then you begin to doubt your capabilities.


If you are like me, you end up frozen with options, overwhelmed with advice, and stuck in and unproductive endless loop of analysis paralysis.


This Bundle Will Help


I have created three guides for neurodivergent people building businesses.


This guide is for you if you have been trying to figure out what to do and in what order and are left feeling frustrated or confused.


I’m a neurodivergent business owner and ADHD Coach. These guides are full of my own tips and tricks that have worked for me in building my business. I hope they are helpful for you too!

Ten Tips for neurodivergent business owners – Unlocking your potential

Just what it says – 10 Tips I came up with for Neurodivergent Business Owners – Quick Tips to unlocking your potential and working with your beautiful neurodivergent brain.

Building Your Neurodivergent Business - 10 Steps

Building Your Neurodivergent Business – Kat’s 10 Step basic business plan

Creating a business plan can feel very overwhelming, and most advice out there is written by and for neurotypical brains. These are my 10 basic steps for starting your neurodivergent business.

ADHD Guide - 10 Tips for Tackling Task Initiation

10 Tips To help you tackle task initiation – get started getting things done today

Task Initiation is what makes you start doing the thing you know needs doing. Just knowing what needs to be done or that it does need to be done often isn’t enough. These are 10 tips to get you started doing the things.

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I hope you find the guides useful. I would love to hear your feedback, what worked, what didn’t, and what would you like tos ee in the future?

Kat Sweeney, MCLC

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Kat Sweeney, MCLC