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Hey friends,


Part of my mission is to bring you free resources and things to help you manage the day to day challenges of ADHD. Below are several free, downloadable worksheets designed with the ADHD person in mind.


Some are helpful, some are fun, all are free.


Sometimes there are two options – download and print the worksheet as it is, or use the template when available to customize and download your own version. 


Please use these for your personal use only and do not redistribute  or sell my freebies. 



Weekly Core Four Reminders

Track your core four plus one bonus item that brings you joy!

Kids Morning Routine

Easy Checklist for kids’ morning routines. Bonus – use the template to download and customize your own!

November Gratitude Challenge

30 Days Of Gratitude Challenge

30 Prompts for 30 Days of Gratitude

Daily Planner

Daily Planner

Cute Daily Planner including affirmation and goals.

Monthly Goal Planner

Monthly Goal Planner including important appointments and self care goals.

Anxiety and Depression Symptom Tracker

Medication Management or diagnosis often requires keeping track of symptoms, here’s an easy printable document for tracking your symptoms weekly.

Queer and Polyamory Common Terminology

2022 Queer and Polyamory Common Terminology

Quick and Easy Guide to help you use inclusive language when it comes to queer and polyamorous terminology.