Begin To Create Your Sensory Diet

Begin To Create Your Sensory Diet

A Coaching Exercise Begin To Create Your Sensory Diet

Begin To Create Your Sensory Diet

What Is A Sensory Diet?

A few weeks ago, I shared a blog with you about what our sensory needs are and how important meeting them is.  Feel free to check out that blog entry HERE.  The first step to meeting your needs is to start to identify what sensory inputs provide you comfort, or positive feelings, and which ones give you negative feelings or make you feel uncomfortable.


I mentioned in my earlier entry that I’d talk about how to get started figuring out your sensory diet – the things you need to feel good and the sensory items you want OFF your menu.  So today I thought I’d share with you a beginning, basic exercise to start creating your personal sensory profile.


Begin To Create Your Sensory Diet

Download this three page simple coaching exercise. Designed to get you started thinking about your sensory diet needs, or those of your child.

Download The Exercise Here


Pages 1-2

The first two pages list examples of a variety of sensory input in several categories. Place a checkmark by inputs that make you feel good, positive, or bring you comfort.  Put an X by inputs that make you feel negative, uncomfortable, or anxious.




Page 3

Using pages 1 and 2 as a guide, answer the three questions about what you notice regarding the various sensory inputs. Plan one step you can take now to increase your positive sensory input options or to reduce your exposure to the sensory inputs that make you uncomfortable.




Going Forward

This exercise is intended to be a first step to helping you recognize your sensory needs. You can use it to further work on creating your sensory diet, asking for accommodations at work or school, and creating your optimum home environment.



I’d Love To Hear From You


I’d love to hear from you after you’ve completed this exercise. What did you discover about yourself or your child? What steps will you take? What other sensory inputs did you think of? What types of changes or accommodations will make your environment a more sensory friendly place?


l can help you to further develop your sensory diet, or sensory profile. Contact me today for a free, no obligation discovery call to talk about how we can partner together to uncover your needs and strategize ways to get those needs met.


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