Free ADHD Worksheets For Kids

Free ADHD Worksheets – For Kids


I love to bring you free ADHD  worksheets because it’s part of my mission to continue to bring resources to folks with ADHD or impacted by someone with ADHD.


In addition to paid offers, courses and more – I am committed to providing quality resources for free as well. Here are two brand new free ADHD worksheets for you to download and print.


The first one is for older kids, teens, and adults can use it too. It helps people with ADHD to track their Core Four Habits Weekly.


The second is a daily morning chart for younger kids to promote independence and autonomy.  


Bonus – that one is customizable. I hope you find them helpful.

Free Worksheets


Core Four Weekly Reminders

This print out is intended for older kids, teens and adults to easily track the things I call our “Core Four.” 


There are a few things I think every ADHD brain needs in order to be at our best.


I call our Core Four needs are movement, rest, hydration, and nourishment.  I talk about these Core Four needs in a previous blog you can read HERE.


In this worksheet, simply check each day when you think you got *enough* of each thing – with a bonus spot for Something That Brings You Joy!


Anyone can use it  to get an idea of how many days you actually do these five things.  Talk with your teen about what can be done to increase the days next week?

Kids – Morning Routine – Customizable

One of the things parents ask me about most often is getting kids to “get with the routine.”


Whether it’s getting going in the morning or getting homework done, getting the kids to do the thing without also having to nag  is a very common goal, and struggle.


I often suggest visual checklists or charts to help foster a child’s sense of autonomy and independence.


This is a sample of a morning checklist for a young child with six steps for getting ready before school.


Feel free to download and print it as is, OR use the link to the template that can be customized. Swap out an icon, change the colors, add your kiddo’s name!  Have fun!


More Resources


If you haven’t already checked it out make sure you check out the “freebie” section to see what else you may find helpful.


Make sure to check back often as the resources get added to.


If you have something you’d find helpful, shoot me an email and let me know! I want to bring you the resources that are valuable to you.


More Resources

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