ADHD Tips for Strengthening Working Memory

ADHD Tips for Strengthening Working Memory

ADHD Tips for Strengthening Working Memory


 ADHD Tips for Strengthening Working Memory

A bit over a month ago, I brought you a blog where I chatted with you about ADHD and working memory. We talked about what working memory is, how it differs from short term memory, and why ADHD people tend to struggle with working memory.


You can check out that blog here if you missed it. In the meantime, I promised to bring you some tips for how to boost or improve working memory AND a few ways to accommodate the areas that remain bigger struggles. Here’s that post!



Visual Aids and External Memory Tools

To help reinforce information try using visual aids like charts, posters, color coded sticky notes – this helps boost your recall ability.  Using external memory aids like planners, alarms, smart apps, or even pneumonic devices helps to save brain and memory space while still keeping track of the important stuff. There are tons of products available for all age ranges and plenty of DIY type aids and tools as well.



Mind Your Core Four

Yes, here I go again with the Core Four.  We need to have adequate nourishment, hydration, rest and movement in order for your brain to operate at it’s best. Your brain needs to be operating at it’s best if you’d like to improve your general working memory. Read more about core four HERE.



Practice Active Listening and Minimize Distractions

One thing I know impacts my working memory is when I am not practicing active listening, or when there are too many distractions.  This is a tough one for us ADHDers – active listening and not being distracted is asking a LOT of us, and we may be more or less successful at those things for a variety of reasons. But increasing your active listening skills and minimizing distractions will help you to retain and recall information when you need it. 



Know Your Learning Style and Strengths

We all learn in different ways. Some of us do better hearing things and absorbing it that way, others may need to read things, and yet still others needs hands-on experience. Knowing how you learn best and leaning into that learning style will help you boost working memory. Similarly, working and leaning into your overall strengths makes it easier to recall information.



Games and Apps

There are many games and apps available – some free and some paid, designed towards helping folks improve their memory, working memory specifically. Apps like Elevate and Lumosity, among others, offer brain training apps and challenges. There are games for kids and adults of all ages that help with memory – like Memory Match, Blink, Concentration, Sudoko, and Scrabble. 



Be Kind To Yourself

We have a tendency to have all or nothing, extreme thinking. Meaning when we do mess up, we tend to beat ourselves up. We are often much more judgmental of ourselves and much less forgiving than we are for others.  Remember everyone struggles with working memory, ADHDers struggle with it more than neurotypical peers, and it is OKAY to ask for reminders and support when you need it.




Work With Me

If you would like to strategize more about how to improve your working memory, book a call today and let’s chat.  I’d love to partner with you manage the day to day struggles that ADHD brings to you and your family. Book a free, no obligation discovery session today.


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