ADHD Tips For Building Mental Resilience

ADHD and Tips for Building Mental Resilience


ADHD Tips for Building Mental Resilience



ADHD and Tips for Building Mental Resilience




Last month, we talked about ADHD and Building Mental Resilience. We chatted about what Mental Resilience is exactly and why it benefits people with ADHD.  In this blog, let’s chat about TIPS for building mental resilience.




Develop A Routine:

This is tricky as it goes against our nature, but establishing some routines that are consistent provides structure and helps to manage ADHD symptoms, building resilience.



Also Stay Flexible: 

You want to develop routines, but it’s also important to practice being flexible. Being adaptive to changing circumstances or challenges allows to you have a flexible strategy


Celebrate Successes:

By acknowledging and celebrating our successes, even the ones that seem small, we boost our confidence which increases motivation and build resilience as we remember what we have already succeeded at. Celebrate progress, not perfection. 



Building Executive Skill Functioning:

By developing stronger executive skills we create the ability to manage our time, become better organized, set goals, and both start and complete a task.



Practice Self Care and Compassion:

Treat yourself the way you’d treat your very best friend or someone you love. Remember to Be kind to yourself, remember that we all hit stumbling blocks, and remember that learning from our mistakes is exactly what builds mental resilience. Practice self care by minding your Core Four.



Accommodations and Coping Strategies:

By identifying coping strategies and accommodations that work best for managing our ADHD symptoms, we become better advocates for ourselves, and build mental resilience by leaning into our strengths and the way our brains work. When something doesn’t work for us – seeking the appropriate accommodation is empowering and again builds mental resilience.



Seek Support

Surround yourself with people who make you feel good, who lift you up, and who fill your soul. Build a support network of your friends, family, primary care physicians, therapists, ADHD Coaches, and anyone else who might provide support, assistance, education, understanding, a kind ear, or other necessary support.  



Do you need extra support?

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