Tips For Boosting Focus

Tips For Boosting Focus   One of the things that people ask me the most often is, “What are some tips for maintaining or boosting focus?” This is not surprising because having trouble regulating our focus is a hallmark ADHD symptom that many of us struggle with.   We have lower levels or uneven levels… Continue reading Tips For Boosting Focus

ADHD Stimming and Fidget Toys

    ADHD Stimming and Fidget Toys Hey Friends!  I dropped a couple YouTube Videos recently about ADHD Stimming and another about Fidget Toys.  I’ll link them below.  In the meantime, I thought I’d talk to you a little about adhd stimming and fidget toys here.   What is Stimming? Stimming stands for self-stimulating behavior.… Continue reading ADHD Stimming and Fidget Toys